PoetPainter - The Professional Site of Stephen P. Anderson I am currently available for consulting!

I help businesses use design to solve complex problems

Go deep with your customers

What do your stakeholders really want? Hint: it's more than another product, or more features.

Design Research looks at people, their activities, and the context of those activities.

Learn ���what’ to build.

Maybe it's a better delivery process? Or perhaps it's discovering that your customers are frustrated by one of your forms.

Design Thinking looks for patterns, combines unusual ideas, and looks for useful business innovations

Test the waters. Explore what could be.

What good is a great idea if you can't bring it into focus, for yourself and others.

Design Prototyping will turn that insight or idea into something you can see, test, present, and most importantly— align around.


I can help you with...
  • Design Research
  • Product Experience Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • User Interface & Interaction Design
  • Visual Communications
  • Information Graphics
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