Seductive Interaction Design Workshop

In this full-day, fun-filled, hands-on workshop, Stephen P. Anderson will guide you through specific examples of sites who've designed serendipity, arousal, rewards, and other seductive elements into their applications, especially during the post-signup period, when it's so easy to lose people. He'll demonstrate how to engage your users through a process of playful discovery, which is vital whether you make consumer applications or design for the corporate environment.

  • Taking a breather. Considering a Portland/Seattle tour for sometime in February 2012. Interested? Let me know below!

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All workshop participants will receive a complementary copy of the Mental Notes card deck.

Check out slides from the original "Seductive Interactions" presentation...

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Throughout the day you will learn more than 50 insights from psychology and how they can be applied to Web design. Through and mix of practical examples & group activities, you will learn:

...and other things to consider if you wish to create more seductive interactions.

What people are saying:

The designers' medium is behavior. Designing seductive interactions is the next frontier to get our users to fully engage in the applications they're building. Stephen's session will stir your creative juices in brand new ways.

—Jared Spool

Brain is buzzing as @stephenanderson finishes up a discussion of serious play. Can see many meaty discussions ahead thanks to it.

—Josh Hale

session from @stephenanderson wuz gr8. i'm convinced that nothing bad comes from his mouth.

—Aaron Hursman

The idea of relating websites to dating and seduction falls in line with what technology is becoming—more human. Anderson is right in believing that the techniques of a ladies man (or a mans lady) can transfer to the web.

—Chase Birthisel

Find a place to see Stephen P. Anderson speaking and go see it.

—Note & Point

He has a great ability to share the message of social media and new technologies in ways that excite and motivate our participants. His willingness to connect with learners beyond the slide deck keep us calling for his services.

—Matt Carlisle

I'm a developer and entrepreneur, with admittedly very little sense for UX and at best, a poor graphic design sensibility. But Stephen's talk inspired me and really got me thinking. In fact, his talk dramatically influenced the shape of my next project.

—Justin Wilcox

I've suffered through enough bad meetings that my associations with "group work" aren't entirely pleasant. But Stephen's workshop put a real dent in those preconceptions! The day felt more like a productive, adult version of playtime - where everyone could riff off of the cards and each other to brainstorm practical design solutions

—Adelle Frank

I have been a client of Stephen's, so I have actually PAID for his advice! This guy is super sharp and his "Seductive Interactions" presentation is truly insightful and valuable. Stephen is a great guy, very humble. And I will say this for him: he is one of the leading thinkers in Web strategy working today.

—Reid Slaughter

Stephen is very knowledgeable (& passionate!) about this subject and it shows in his work. He's a terribly nice guy to boot.. thumbs up.

—Tanner Powell

Stephen is an excellent speaker with great ideas. I saw [the 45 minute version of] this presentation at the Big Design conference here in Dallas. It was great!

—Adam Keys

I find all of Stephen's slide presentations he has made public engaging and thought-provoking. He brings a unique perspective to UX strategy.

—Tom Nunes

I think he's one of our most cogent thinkers in the design space. But he also knows how to have fun in going about that inspiration... If you get a chance to hear Stephen talk, don't miss it.

—Chris Bernard

This guy -- @stephenanderson -- always does kick-ass presentations. ALWAYS.

—John Moore

Stephen is one of those rare people who not only only gets good design and interaction, but also really understands why people make certain choices when interacting with those designs.

—Kelsey Ruger

About Stephen P. Anderson

Stephen P. Anderson is a speaker and consultant based out of Dallas, Texas. He spends unhealthy amounts of time thinking about design, psychology and leading intrapreneurial teams—topics he frequently speaks about at national and international events.

Stephen recently published the Mental Notes card deck, a tool to help businesses use psychology to design better experiences. And, he's currently writing a book on “Seductive Interactions” that will explore this topic of psychology and design in more detail.

Prior to venturing out on his own, Stephen spent more than a decade building and leading teams of information architects, interaction designers and UI developers. He's designed Web applications for businesses such as Nokia, Frito-Lay, Sabre Travel Network, and Chesapeake Energy as well as a number of smaller technology startups.

Stephen likes to believe that someday he'll have the time to start blogging again at